Platinum Savings Club

Product Code: PSC-01

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  • Initial Payment:
    US $30.00 (Easy Monthly Payment)
  • Regular Price:
    US $200.00
  • Member Price:
    US $180.00
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Features and Benefits


Where Do I Begin?

The Platinum Savings card is the first product of its type for Hutton Chase. Almost all of our other physical products require that new customers make a down payment and pay shipping cost prior to receiving the product. But not with Priority Platinum.

We have carefully selected this Savings Card for you. I’ve personally saved $100’s of dollars so far and I am increasing my use of the card benefits each week.

1) For example, my daughter’s new baby needs diapers; she saves $2 per box by simply printing a coupon from the Platinum Savings Website.



2) We like to go to PF Chang’s, so we use that coupon to save 10%.



3) I like the Chicken Quesadilla at Applebee’s so we save even more there.

4) Almost every product you purchase regularly, you can save money on just by accessing the Priority Platinum Site.

Thanks for signing up. Let us know how we can be of further assistance.


Once you make your selection and check out, you will receive your credentials for your account within 24 hours. Just log in and start saving. IT IS VERY SIMPLE.